Going Home

In 24 hours my husband, son and I are headed off to the States for almost a month. We’re spending 10 days in Atlanta, where I lived for 7 years (my husband 5) and then to Detroit to visit my husband’s family. This should have been an exciting week, getting ready for 4 weeks vacation. But instead I have been totally freaking out about flying. I have never been a great flyer, but I think it is just getting worse the older I get. I thought if you faced your fears, they were supposed to go away. Well, we took 6 flights in about 5 weeks when we went to Europe and moved to Australia, but that didn’t solve my problem. I can tell myself that flights leave Australia and arrive in Australia every day and are fine, but that doesn’t help. I can tell myself that its safer than driving, but that doesn’t help either. To make it worse, I have no idea how Nicklas will take to the flying. He is almost walking, and he is going to want to be crawling/walking around, not sitting on mine or Mike’s lap for 13 hours. And I don’t get out of my seat unless I need to go to the bathroom…even then I hold it as long as possible!!

I’ve also just found out that a few friends who were planning on visiting from nearby cities while we were there can no longer make it for one reason or another. I am sure they have their reasons and that’s fine, but I am disappointed. Not much else to say on that.

It will be interesting to see how we feel, and whether we will be ready to come “home” or if we’ll feel like we’ve already gone home?


One thought on “Going Home

  1. Hi Aroha,

    Loved the pictures of FB – looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.

    Hope you’ve had a good time, but not too good so you want to stay!

    love Em

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