Angels & Demons Movie Spoilers

Definitely stop reading if you DON’T want to know about the Angels & Demons MOVIE.

I was really excited about this movie coming out, and have been anticipating it for MONTHS now. Last night we went to see it. We walked into the cinema for the 6:30 movie at about 6:05. There were 2 other people in there! The cinema filled up by the time the movie started, but definitely not the outrageous crowd I had expected.

I think I’ll just outline the differences between the book and the movie, rather than review the movie and throw in the differences along the way.

The book begins with Robert Langdon being woken up by a phone call from CERN director Maxamillion Kohler. The MOVIE begins with the pope’s death and the hustle and bustle around getting ready for conclave. It then flashes to the chambers that are creating the anti-matter and a large team of scientists. Vittoria Vetra is one of them. “Silvano” is in a different chamber, and once the anti-matter is created, Vittoria makes her way down there and passes a workman along the way (who turns out to be the killer). Vittoria first finds the eyeball, then goes in and finds Silvano, dead.

Cut to Robert Langdon, swimming in the Harvard pool. A representative from the Vactican approaches him and shows him a fax from the killer, with the Illuminati brand on it.

Robert and Vittoria don’t meet until they’re both sitting in Commander Richter’s office (head of the Swiss Guard. Olivetti is more like Vatican secret service). The director of CERN is never even mentioned.

The movie has no involvement of any BBC media like there is in the book, which changes things later obviously.

The killer is shown recieving payments on a laptop, that is never mentioned in the book.

Vittoria recieves a delivery of her father’s journals which is confiscated by the swiss guard and locked away by Richter.

Robert gets locked in the archives w/ a guard (Chartrand I think), not by himself as in the book,  and the guard passes out (he’s a smoker and can’t handle the air-tight vault). Robert pushes the first book shelf into the glass which doesn’t work, then uses the guard’s gun to shoot holes in the glass, before climbing on top of another shelf and blowing the glass out with that. As soon as he starts to breathe properly and picks his head up, the electricity comes back on.

Vittoria does NOT go to the 3rd “altar of science” with them, and Robert doesn’t come face to face with the killer. The killer does kill Olivetti and a couple of other police/guards.

Robert goes to the 4th altar of science with 2 cops, and they watch the van park in the piazza. The 2 cops approach the van and are killed. The killer then drops the 4th cardinal (Baggia) in the fountain and drives off, saluting Robert as he goes. Robert jumps in and tries to get the cardinal up, but keeps losing his footing. A group of people jump in and help him, and they save the cardinal.

The cardinal tells Robert that he was being held at Castel Saint Angelo so Robert, Vittoria and a SWAT team head to the Castel thinking the caninster is there, but don’t find it so they leave. Robert and Vittoria then find the stairway up to the room the killer is in. The killer points a gun at them but tells them he has not been told to kill them, so they are spared for now, but if they follow him…he then leaves and gets into a waiting car which blows up when he starts it. Buhbye killer.

Robert and Vittoria run through the tunnel and are let out the other side by Chartrand. They tell him the camerlengo is in danger. They burst in to the papal office to find Richter pointing a gun at the camerlengo. Richter gets shot dead and as Father Simeon (asst to the cardinal in charge of conclave)  comes in, the camerlengo points at him and calls him Illuminatus so he too is shot dead.

The fifth brand of the illuminatus is  2 keys crossing each other (not the Earth Wind Fire Water sign from the book), which apparently represents St. Peter and Robert and the camerlengo realise the antimatter is on St Peter’s tomb. They all head down to the tomb, and find the anti matter. When Vittoria can’t disarm it (which she couldn’t do in the book anyway) she says to leave it there, but the camerlengo steals it and takes off. He bursts through the doors and jumps into the helicopter and goes up and up and up. Robert does NOT jump in with him.

As the helicopter is going up, they see a parachute with the camerlengo approaching the vatican. The explosion goes off before he lands and the shockwaves send the camerlengo crashing into buildings, and causes him to land among the people in the square (as opposed to up on the church as in the book).

Word spreads around conclave that the camerlengo risked his life and saved everyone. Cardinals start talking about the possibility of him being named the new pope. Robert and Vittoria are in the swiss guard office when they discover a computer that monitors the papal office and they see how things REALLY happened (very similar to the book, except its Richter who confronts the camerlengo, not Max Kohler).

The camerlengo walks into conclave and can tell the cardinals know everything, so he walks out, followed by all kinds of guards, and sets himself on fire. There is no grand reveal about the former pope being his biological father.

Cardinal Baggio is elected pope, and as a gift of thanks from the Vatican, Robert Langdon is presented with the copy of Galileo’s Diagramma to complete his work. He and Vittoria get to watch as the pope is dressed and walks out onto the balcony.

One thing I don’t understand is why they changed the Camerlengo’s name from Carlo Ventresca to Patrick McKenna. There’s also absolutely NO romantic chemistry between Robert and Vittoria.

I’ve realised while writing this that there’s probably a similar entry on wikipedia already and I didn’t need to go through all that. I’m also sure there’s things I’ve forgotten. But my brain is a bit fried trying to think about it all.

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