I’m Done With Song Lyrics

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day, and we were due to meet mum, my sister & her boyfriend at a local surf club for breakfast. My first present of the day was Nicklas sleeping in until 6:45 (after waking up at 2:30 briefly), so at 6:30 when I woke up on my own accord, and not to a screaming baby, I didn’t feel so tired. Before we left for the surf club, Mike and Nicklas gave me a gorgeous heart-shaped pendant with “Nicklas 30 06 08” inscribed on it and a coffee mug with a picture of Nicklas on it that said “Happy First Mother’s Day”. But this isn’t any ordinary coffee mug! It is actually really dark, and you can barely see what is on it…until you fill it with hot water! The colouring disappears to reveal the pic and the message. It is pretty cool!

Mother’s Day however, has given way to Monday morning, and I have been up since 3:50 am. I am hoping that Nicklas will go back to sleep in another half hour or so as we are going to Brisbane today to visit some friends and their bubs, and I don’t want to be a zombie.

Last night at 11 o’clock, we heard a car horn. One long, loud blast. Well, we wish it had only been one. One turned into about 10 long loud blasts. Turns out it was a neighbour of our’s, and another neighbour must have parked their car in the way of getting out. And this was their solution to the problem – wake the whole damn complex up. I am still pretty pissed about it, and at 4 am this morning I was *this close* to pulling the car out of the garage, parking in front of their townhouse, and blasting my horn several times, for several seconds each time. The problem is, I have too much respect for my other neighbours, who don’t desereve to be woken up a second time in 6 hours because of obnoxiousness. Perhaps I’ll leave a note on their front door, asking that next time they have a problem to please knock on the neighbour’s door. I think if they had woken Nicklas up, that respect I do have would have been out the window, and I’d have been honking my horn for the last hour and a half.

I think I might go open the doors and windows and let Nicklas scream the house down. That ought to get the neighbour’s attention.


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