Everything That’s Wrong With The World

Do you know what REALLY pisses me off? Well, there are a lot of things, but this week, it is the uprising of a generation with a general lack of respect for their elders, for the law, or simply for other human beings.

The news headlines the other night mentioned a policeman being investigated for using a taser gun to get a driver to pull over. Do you know what they failed to mention, until the actual story was aired? The driver was a 17 YEAR OLD IN A STOLEN CAR WHO WOULDN’T PULL OVER!!!!

You know what? If you have stolen a car and refuse to pull over for police, I don’t care HOW they stop you. I don’t care if the run you off the road, taser you, or just flat out SHOOT you! And while I’m at it, if you are being abusive and threatening, and do not back down when ordered to by police, and you get tasered? YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM!

Australia may not have many incidents related to guns, but there seems to be a lot of incidents related to knives and/or beatings. You can take away guns, but you can’t take away peoples’ inability to control themselves when they get drunk or angry. And they need to be held accountable and punished to the full extent of the law.

Sunday Night aired a story about a Perth police officer who was attacked from behind while trying to break up a brawl between a father and his two sons (who were outside a pub, drunk). It is all on video. This police officer is lucky to be alive, and is most likely never going to walk properly again. And do you know a jury let the “man” who did it to him, walk free? As the presenter said, this man has been let down by the very law he swore to uphold and enforce. In court, the father involved in the brawl was portrayed to be a disabled pensioner with a heart problem. Really? He didn’t look too disabled when he was drunk and fighting with his two sons outside the pub.

I know that every once in a wihle we hear a story of a police officer who has used excessive force, or abused his/her power. But how often is that? What percentage of police officers are like that? I am willing to bet it is less than 1% of them.

I also know that again, I am generalising. I know not every member of the new generation is a menace to society. I know I am making myself sound old by complaining about “today’s kids”. I know there are people in every generation who have an inate disdain for authority.

I just feel like the world is in a downward spiral, and my faith in humanity is slipping. There’s just so many things that happen and I wonder, “What the fuck is wrong with that person?” Seriously, I think our DNA is mutating and people are getting more stupid by the generation. It really worries me.


One thought on “Everything That’s Wrong With The World

  1. “Seriously, I think our DNA is mutating and people are getting more stupid by the generation. It really worries me.”

    Hear, hear!!!!!!

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