If We Took A Holiday

First up, a confession. I haven’t posted since my last blog because I couldn’t think of any song lyrics to use as the title! I think I might have got  in over my head challenging myself like that. For the record, Emily was right about the song (Romeo & Juliet) except that I know it as an Edwin McCain song, and turns out it is a Dire Straits song, too.

As you probably know, we’re heading back to the States for a three and a half week holiday soon, so all this Swine Flu news is a bit daunting. I just heard on the news that the US has had their first death from it, though it was in Texas and it was a baby who had come in from Mexico less than a month ago. I am really hoping that by the time we leave in four weeks, the worst will be over. It is so easy to get sick when you are on a plane for so long, a/c running, breathing recycled germs of all those on board with you. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. I think the media are using their scare tactics again. Yes, over 100 people in Mexico have died from the disease, but you have to remember that Mexico is a third world country and doesn’t have the medical facilities or resources tha the US, Canada or Australia has. So I’m not going to worry about any of that at this point in time. We’ll see where things are in three weeks or so.

Closer to home, I had a small mid-life crisis last Friday and got a second hole pierced in both my ears. Now, I’m not saying that to do this you must be going through a crisis. I’m just saying that this type of thing is probably more common amongst younger people. And I did have it done years ago, but the earrings were too small and in the first couple of weeks of having them done, one of them actually went THROUGH the hole and out the other side! Well, this time I got bigger earrings, and apart from some tenderness for the last week, they seem to be doing fine. The last couple of nights I’ve even been able to sleep on them without them hurting and waking me up! A small victory.

Another small victory is the first few orders for personalised photo cards that I’ve started doing. I’ve got three orders so far, with a possible fourth. So I’m trying to figure out what to do with my first earnings from my own little side business. Do I put it towards making an actual business out of this? Or do I go and buy that Colorado wallet I have had my eye on for a couple of weeks?

Lastly, I’m trying to get my 10 month old son to drink more water. I just filled up his water bottle and gave it to him and instead of drinking it, he’s proceeded to spill most of it on the floor and now he is playing in it. Better go clean it (and him) up! Now, to think of lyrics for the title….


4 thoughts on “If We Took A Holiday

  1. I posted a link over on FB. There have actually been far more killed by the regular flu than swine flu. And this happens every year, the media just doesn’t blow it up like the swine flu.

    Glad to hear your ears are doing well. 🙂 Every so often I think of getting another piercing of some kind or a tattoo… but it’s always a fleeting thought. I don’t think I would ever go through with it. (I already have 2 piercings in each ear.)

    Happy cleaning! 😉

    • I have thought of a tattoo too. I thought I could go for “Nicklas” and if it hurts too much just tell them to stop at Nick (or even Nic) 🙂

  2. That’s an easy one – Madonna – Holiday
    P.S. I have 3 earrings – in each ear….. what can I say,
    I like accessories!

    • I noticed when we had breakfast the other day that you had 3, and I thought they looked good. That’s what I was thinking about in the Chemist when I decided to get the second hole done. And she even drew a spot where a third would go if I wanted it, but its taken longer than I thought for these to stop hurting, so not sure I could do a third!

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