Its Just That The Timing Was Wrong

As a fun little challenge for myself, I’m going to start titling all my blog posts with song lyrics. If you think you know the song, let me know in the comments. The lyrics must fit what I’m talking about, though.

So last week I had an interview for a job with the state golf association. The job is admin, 2 days a week up to 4 days a week when they’re busy. They asked in the interview if the 4 days would be a problem, given that I have a 10 month old son. I think I told them, without hesitating, that it would NOT be a problem. But I also told them that I’m going away for a month, and that I was trying to get into grad school. But I assured them that would only be a few hours a week.

Looking back at it, I probably could have left the school information out. If I interviewed someone who told me they had an infant, were going to school, and wanted this job, plus they were going away for a month, well I probably would not hire them. And that is the decision they made, too.

To be completely honest, the feeling I got when they told me they’d decided to go with someone else, was relief. When I left that interview and started thinking about having to find child care 4 days a week, possibly 5 if I’m going to school AND work, I realised that was not what I wanted. If I could do 2 days a week of work, 1 afternoon of school, then I’d only need 2 days child care, mum could watch Nick while I’m at school, and I’d still have a lot of time to spend with my son. I want a 2 day a week break, I don’t want to be away from him all week.

I think the best plan of action at this point is to wait until we get back from the States at the end of June, try to get Nicklas into child care in July/August and wait until he is settled in and used to going to child care before I try to find some part time work somewhere. I had visions of my first day at work, getting a phone call from child care saying he wasn’t settling in or whatever and getting fired by the end of day one.

Consequently, the day before I found out I didn’t get the job, I found out I had gotten into school. So it looks like I’ll be starting school July/August. I think being a mum, a wife and a student will be enough of a challenge for me for now. And I will eventually find some work. This opportunity might have seemed like the perfect job, it just wasn’t the perfect timing.


One thought on “Its Just That The Timing Was Wrong

  1. “When you gonna realise it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet ? ” is a line out of Dire Straits’ song Romeo and Juliet ….
    Sorry you didn’t get the job but at the risk of sounding contrived, these things do have a way of working out.
    Hope you had a good weekend. See you soon.

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