A Letter To Nicklas

Dear Nicklas,

You gave your mother the fright of her life today when you tried to swallow a piece of bark. How the piece of bark found its way to the kitchen floor is still beyond me, but regardless, it was there. And you tried to eat it. When you started choking, I stuck my finger in your mouth, only to push the bark in further. I picked you up, threw you over my arm and stuck my finger so far down your throat you threw up. This was an accident, I promise, but it did get the bark out of your throat and into your mouth, where from I could actually dig it out. You were not happy, and shortly thereafter puked up some blood.

One call to your father and we were on our way to the doctor. After waiting 45 minutes, he confirmed what I suspected – you were fine. He said you had a bit of a red, probably sore, throat, but you were ok. It was most likely my finger nails or the piece of bark that scratched your throat and caused the bleeding. I am cutting my nails tonight.

Please, please stop putting EVERYTHING you can get your hands on in to your mouth! I thought you’d have outgrown that by now.

Also, feel free to start getting teeth any time now!
Love you forever & a day, and with all my heart,


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