State Vote

Tomorrow is our day for voting for our state Premier. Its the first time I’ve ever had a vote for anything, seeing as I left here at 18 and wasn’t on the electoral roll, and then couldn’t vote in the US because I wasn’t a citizen.

I’ve been cramming today…studying the parties’ websites, trying to get any valuable information that will help me make an informed decision. If I thought it would be worth it, I’d vote Green. The two majority parties are making me sick with their negative campaigning tactics, and it overshadows the real issues. Why can’t more politicians take a page out of Obama’s book?

Obviously the issues that are important to me have changed somewhat over the last year. Healthcare and education would be at the top of my list, and for those reasons I believe I’m voting Labour.

There are a few things that turn me off the LNP, but one of the major ones is a commercial claiming Anna Bligh’s response to the state healthcare crisis is to build a football stadium (the Bligh govt is trying to bring the AFL to the Gold Coast by promising a new stadium). Well, Mr. Springborg and Co., I’ve seen where the land is cleared for the building of the new University Hospital. You don’t mention THAT in your campaign now, do you?

I’ve seen video of Springborg giving a speech, in which he says he has been asked where the money will come from to deliver his promises. He says, “I simply respond, where has the money GONE?”, referring to the Bligh government’s spending. Do you know what that says to me? You’re a typical politician who dodges questions and skirts the issues.

You’ve already failed twice at taking over the job of Premier of QLD, Mr Springborg. And I hope tomorrow it will be a 3rd failure.


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