Just a light-hearted post because honestly its way past my bed time (yes, thank you, I realise its only 9 pm), and while there are many things that are going on that I feel quite strongly about, I’m just too tired and too brain dead right now to string too many coherent sentences together. SO, I’m going to tell you about a couple of movies I’ve seen lately.

We hardly EVER went to the movies in the States. And by hardly ever I mean we meant MAYBE once a year. Why would you go to a 2 hour movie when you could go to a 3 hour Thrashers game!? But since moving here, I’ve seen more movies in the last 16 months than I think I saw during all my 7 years in Atlanta.

PS I Love You and 27 Dresses are the first couple of movies I saw when we moved here and I loved both. But most recently, Mike and I have seen Valkyrie, Bride Wars, Gran Torino and today I saw New In Town. And with the exception of Valkyrie, I would go see them all again!

Gran Torino is a movie that makes you laugh, then question whether you should have laughed or not. It is about a stereotypical, old, racist, white man (played by Clint Eastwood, who is funnier than I thought he would be) living in the home he and his wife (whose funeral opens the movie) have shared for years. But it is in the Detroit ghetto. He is surrounded by Hmong people and gangs, but refuses to leave the neighbourhood. He befriends the young Hmong girl next door, and her family, and proceeds to use all kinds of racial slurs … to their face! But he also protects them and defends them, and isn’t afraid of anyone not even the gangs. It is funny, somewhat heart-warming, and sad. The best, but perhaps saddest line in the movie, “I have more in common with these strangers than I do my own family.” Defnitely a two-thumbs up from me.

New In Town stars Renee Zellwegger and Harry Connick Jr. I can’t say RZ is one of my favourite actresses, but I have never been disappointed by one of her movies. She has great comedic timing and just plays each character so well. Its not necessarily a new storyline, and it is quite predictable, but there are more than a few laughs in this romantic comedy. At one point I wasn’t sure what everyone was laughing at – the movie, or my mum laughing (if you know her, you’ve most likely heard her very distinctive laugh at some point in time). The basic gist of the movie is that Lucy (Zellwegger) is a big-wig corporate player who is sent to Minnesoooota to shut down a factory. Of course, she winds up falling in love, making friends, and developing a loyalty to this plant she is supposed to shut down. If you can get through all the Minnesooootan accents dooont you knooow, you’ll love it! Two more thumbs up from me!

Ok, I am going to bed. Nicklas hasn’t slept more than 4 hours at a time in weeks and I am so tired, I don’t know what way is up. Hopefully next post I’ll have something with a little more substance for you.


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