Three Years

My husband and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Three years seems like nothing but I guess its a lot further than many other marriages make it! And I’m still upset that I was so sick and the weather was so crap and we didn’t get our beach-side wedding in the gazebo. I seriously need to get over that!

We celebrated by going out to dinner to a lovely restaurant on the broadwater where we had bruschetta to start, fettucine boscaiola and veal mains, and a yummo sticky date pudding desert. It was nice to sit and eat together and not rush through our meals. Mum looked after Nicklas, and we got home just in time for him to get fussy and want a feed to go to sleep. Its times like those that I wish he was on the bottle!

I got a lovely Tiffany’s ring from Mike, and it matches the necklace he gave me on our wedding day. There wasn’t the same ordeal to actually get the present this time, but it is always fun getting jewelry! Especially in a little square blue box from Tiffany’s!

Bub is up from a short nap that I was hoping would be much longer. So best go.


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