Week 5, Sleeping and Work

We are technically in week 5 of the walking, though last week was a wash, because I didn’t walk at all! We did walk 2.5 hours on Sunday, to blockbuster and the mall and home. Then I played tennis Tuesday morning, but no other walking. I haven’t got on the Wii Fit to weigh myself in a while because I am not sure I have made any progress, and I feel like if you obsess over numbers too much, then the whole thing feels futile. I do notice my clothes fitting a bit looser though. This week we walked Monday and Wednesday, and I played tennis Tuesday. We will walk again tomorrow morning.

Nicklas has managed to drift off to sleep by himself a few times now, though he alwas puts up a protest. The book calls them “mantra” cries. That is he is not emotionally crying, just trying to get your attention to come get him out of the cot. We have ignored those, and within the 18 minutes she recommends in the book, he is asleep. He’s even been sleeping about 7 hours at a time at night, but it is usually from 7 or 7:30 pm, so I’m not getting the 7 hours when I go to bed at 9:30, 10 pm. He is a much happier baby now that he is sleeping and napping better. He may be going through another growth spurt as he has now had 2 2-hour naps today! No complaining here!

I have put him on a wait list for a local child care centre. I told them I was hoping to start him around 12 months, so in another 5 months. But the way things are around here, if something comes up earlier, you have to take it because it could be many months before something else comes up. The thought of putting him in day care a couple of days a week makes me really sad, but I know it will be good for both of us, as he will get some socialization and I will get some time to myself. I am trying to find a casual job, around 10 hours per week, preferably on weekends. But they’re not easy to come by. So next Wednesday night I’m attending an information session for post-graduate studies at the university around the corner from our house. I’m interested in the Masters of Business with a focus in event management. We’ll see what comes of that, though. As I’d have to get my bachelors from the US to align with a bachelors from an Australian university. Fingers crossed!

I have to say, once I got my bachelors degree, I had zero intention of ever going back to school again. But since I haven’t worked in over a year now, and I’ve had a baby, I feel like my brain has gone a bit mushy, and I am ready to challenge it again and to start learning again. I also think the thought of having to help Nicklas with his homework is a bit daunting, as I feel I’ve become quite dumb. Oh I know I’m not dumb. But I haven’t had to use my brain for too much in the last 15  months! Its time to make it active again! And as a friend pointed out…if we have to work until we’re 70 years old, might as well be getting paid well to do so!


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