I have had some weird dreams the last couple of nights. The first weird one involved my having twins, and naming one of them “Philip Hildebrand”. Hildebrand being the middle name, of course. As a first and last name, that is a decent name, but as a first and middle? I don’t think so.

Last night I had a dream that Nick and I were a part of Katie Holmes’ entourage, and we had all been picked up by the police at the mall and asked to go back to their home, because it was to be searched. They believed Tom and Katie had mob connections. We got in the car, and I was sitting in the front with Katie, and said, “Where’s Nicklas?” And he’d been put in the boot (trunk!) of the wagon. I said, “He can’t sit back there! Pass him up here!” And they took him out of a seatbelt and I put him on my lap in the front. Ha! Then, for some reason, someone had taken my eyes out of their sockets, to fix them, and they were trying to put them back in, but they weren’t quite going back in where they were supposed to.

I don’t remember much else of it, because I was awoken by Mike and Nicklas so I could feed Nick. He fell asleep, like he usually does during his 7 am feed when he’s been up since 4:30! The little monster. I really wish I knew why he woke up every morning at 4:30, 4:45. He did sleep from 7-3, then 3:30 til 4:30, so that’s ok I guess. It would be better if I had gone to bed at 7 last night also!

Weight loss update: Not sure if I’ve lost any weight, given that Mike had two 4-day weekends so we didn’t do anything. Although, yesterday we went for a walk to Blockbuster and then to Australia Fair then home…about 5.2 kms (not including the walking around the shopping centre) and 2.5 hours. So I don’t feel too guilty that I am not walking this morning, especially since Nick is sleeping and I’m playing tennis later tonight anyway. I haven’t got on the scales lately, because I don’t really want to see all the damage from Christmas. I’ll check at the end of this week after a full week of tennis and walking.


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