Week 2 Progress

I didn’t take the weekend off walking. I walked 30 minutes on Saturday, but did take Sunday off. Yesterday we walked with Mike and then left him at his turn for work and continued on to the grocery store, got some groceries and came home. All up probably an hour of walking. Then for some ridiculous reason, we walked up to Mike’s work and walked home with him. Another 40 minutes or so of walking! This morning we stayed home, but I’m playing tennis tonight. Which is a good thing, because I’ve had 2 pieces of lemon cake today. I felt guilty taking the morning off the walk, because I feel like if I stop one day I might not start again the next. Mike says he won’t let me stop, so that’s good. But I just got on the Wii fit and I haven’t lost any weight. I’ve GAINED .5 kg! WTF? Must.Stop.Snacking.


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