Week 2 or Week 1 Take 2?

I don’t think last week could really count as my first week of my exercise/weight loss regime. I got sick Monday night and it was at least Thursday, if not Friday before I really felt better and was back to eating regular meals, etc. Saturday morning Nicklas and I went for a 30 minute walk, then I played tennis at 1. But the weather was so ridiculously hot, I’m not sure you could count it as tennis. We, well I, basically just stood there and hit whatever came right to me. It was so sticky and hot and just disgusting.

So I guess we start over again.  This morning we walked with Mike to work, so about 45 minutes round trip. And tonight I’m going to play tennis for an hour. Tomorrow morning is social tennis, Wednesday walk with Mike, Thursday I’m going to try and walk with another mum and bub, and Friday walk with Mike. Maybe some tennis Thursday night, too.

I did lose almost 2 kgs while I was sick, so we’ll see how I do eating and exercising.


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