Day 2 and 3

Well Day 2 was a complete wash. Monday night I woke up at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30, with vomiting and other bodily functions. It was not pretty. Then Nicklas woke up at 2:30 and I slept on and off and until about 4:30. Mike stayed home from work to watch Nicklas because there was no way I could take care of him yesterday. I don’t know what single mums with no help around do. I guess you suck it up and do what you have to. But I spent about 90% of the day yesterday in bed, sleeping on and off. Needless to say, exercise of any kind was out of the question.

Today I am feeling much better, but still not 100%. I’m not sure how much of that is psychological. I don’t want to eat too much for fear of throwing up again. I hate throwing up. If I’d had really bad morning sickness, I wouldn’t be so keen on having a second child. Mostly today I just feel a bit weak, and that is probably b/c all I’ve eaten in two days is 5 pieces of toast. Plus staying in bed for 24 hours…your body forgets what its like to be up and about.

I didn’t walk to work with Mike this morning…I don’t have enough energy. But I might be playing tennis later tonight if I’m up for it, so not all is lost. My tummy still feels a bit queasy though, so we’ll just have to see how I feel later. Either way, all that vomiting might have been better for the weightloss than walking to Mike’s work! Still, think I’d rather walk than feel as bad as I did.


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