I have been so far ahead of the curve this year when it comes to Christmas. We didn’t bring any Christmas decorations (or furniture or hardly anything!) with us from the States, and last year we were at my mum’s, so this year we had to get a tree and decorations. We went shopping in the middle of November to get everything, mostly to avoid the crowds. But of course when we got home I couldn’t let it just sit in storage…nooooo. It had to go UP! NOW! So we’ve had the tree up for a few weeks already, and we have presents wrapped underneath. Today I mailed off my Christmas cards…the only thing left to do is send a box to my Mother In Law which hopefully will get done in about 10 days. Still waiting on a few things to go in it. I can’t believe its only 21 days away! I can’t wait to see what Nicklas thinks of it all. This year will be special for sure, but next year will be even better. He’ll be 18 months and running around, pulling decorations off the tree, trying to unwrap presents…I think the presents will have to come out Christmas eve after he’s gone to bed. Someone on one of the online parenting forums I read, said once the kids are old enough you have to make sure you wrap “santa’s” presents in a different paper, because the kids won’t believe Santa has the same paper as mom and dad! Good point, will have to remember that one.

Speaking of Santa though, we got the cutest picture of him with Santa. I wonder if he’ll be that happy to sit on Santa’s lap again next year. The people were great, and took about 15 pictures, to make sure we got a good one, and it look a little bit of coaxing, but he finally gave a great big smile. Here’s the pic:


I didn’t realize how big Santa was until I looked at this picture and Nicklas looks so small on his lap! Of course because the pic was so good, I had to get copies for the whole family, so that set us back more than a picture with Santa really should.

We weren’t going to get Nicklas a lot of presents because he isn’t really going to know what’s going on, but sure enough he has about 5 little toys wrapped under the tree and a stocking full of onesies and singlets. We also put a little bit of money aside for him. The idea was to save this money and when he turns 18 and/or graduates from high school, give it to him to go to college, or go travelling. But if we keep adding to it as well as we have been, we might not give it all to him! Haha. Then again, that account might just be money for all our kids, however many there may one day be, so it won’t be that much after all.

Anyway, now I have gotten side tracked. Mike has two 4-day weekends over Christmas/New Year. He has Christmas and Boxing Day off (Thurs and Fri) then the weekend. Then the following week he has January 1 (Thursday) off and he’s taken a leave day on January 2. We had thought about going away, but a lot of places here have 7 day minimum stays over school holidays. It’s very sucky.

Ok. REALLY enough rambling from me now. 20 more sleeps until the fat guy in the red suit is here!


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