Global Financial Crisis

We’ve had a global financial crisis every day in our bank account for the last year, so as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the world is just catching up. Granted, I am not working, and boy do I miss my monthly pay check. But even if I was working now, a good portion of our income would be going to childcare. It is more important for us to have one of us home with Nicklas for the first year, two years, whatever we think is sufficient time. Even with the cost of gas going down (it has dropped about 40 cents/litre over the last couple of months), things are still tough.

We have decided that starting January 1, we are going to get serious about tightening the spending and increasing the saving. It is just far too difficult around Christmas time to not spend money. And we seriously need to save money so we can pay cash for this 3 week trip to the US in 7 months. We already have enough credit card debt and school loan debt in the States, we don’t need to add another $6,000 to that.  I keep thinking “If only we hadn’t gone to Europe” or “If only we’d stayed in the US for one more year” but you can’t think about the past like that, you just have to look and move forward.


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