One More Sleep

When we were kids, we used to talk in “sleeps” when waiting for a big day, like Christmas or Birthdays. So if there were 5 more days until Christmas we’d say “5 more sleeps”, meaning you went to sleep 5 more times before the event got here. Last Christmas I was walking along the beach, and one of the lifeguards had written on his beach board “3 more sleeps”. Well, now there is 1 more sleep until the US election. In some ways I think it may be the most important election of our lifetime, but in other ways I wonder if it really is. It is certainly one of, if not the, most historic. Black woman on one ticket, woman on the other…regardless of who wins, those are two huge steps for the US.

For us in Australia, it is one more sleep until the Melbourne Cup. It is Australia’s Kentucky Derby, but bigger! The entire state of Victoria, where the race is run, has a public holiday! There will be luncheons and funny hats all over the country tomorrow. I might even put $10 on the longshot.

Mike didn’t hear about another interview today, so it is potentially one more sleep until he hears something about that. Surprisingly the time has gone quite fast since the last interview.

Yesterday we had Nick’s naming ceremony and everything went well. The weather held out (barely) and everyone had a good time, I think. Emily did a wonderful job as unofficial officiant, and Nicklas almost lasted the entire afternoon without having a hissy fit. But we must have got it right, because even my grandmother really liked the “service” and thought it was better than the church ones!  I think its nice to acknowlege the new member of the family and our responsibility to him, but leave the whole religion thing up to him when he is older.

I was ready for sleep 30 minutes ago, I think I’m going to have to succumb to that.


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