The Downside of Politics

That title might sound redundant, but I do have a point. Every four years, America becomes divided. Its no secret that I lean to the Democratic side of the scale. I would not consider myself an extreme leftist, but given the choice, I have to side on the left. I have several friends who side on the right, and while its generally an unspoken agreement to not talk about politics, when election time rolls around, its sometimes hard not to voice your opinion.

Watching The View just emphasises my point. Look at Joy and Elisabeth. They claim to like each other and be friends off camera, and perhaps they are. But on camera they represent the division of a whole country. Why can’t they have a co-presidency? Why does it have to be one person, from one party or the other? Ok, so a joint presidency doesn’t sound efficient, and yeah there’s a senate and house of representatives and whatever for checks and balances, but its just, well its exhausting.  All these months of campaigning, all the mud-slinging and slander. By November aren’t we all just sick of it all? I know I am.

Neither of them are perfect. No one is perfect and no president will ever be perfect. You can’t be, because with all these opinions and this divided country, every president will always have a downfall. I am rambling, but I guess I’m just ready for this election to be over. That and a nap wouldn’t go astray right about now.


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