Naming Ceremony

This Sunday we’re having a naming ceremony for Nicklas. Neither Mike nor I are particularly religious, but we wanted to have some kind of “welcome to the world” ceremony. I have a list as long as my arm of things I need to get or do before Sunday. Making the list was the easy part, carrying it all out will be the difficult part! And I just checked online, and the forecast for Sunday morning is showers. The last time we planned an outdoor event (our wedding!) it rained and was a miserable day. Perhaps we are just not meant to plan outdoor activities. Perhaps it is God’s way of trying to get us in churches! I am mostly joking about that.

Nicklas started rolling over last week. He thinks he is quite clever. He’s also decided he likes sleeping much better when he’s on his tummy. They tell you not to put newborns on their tummies, that they should sleep on their backs. Of course, when I was a baby, mum was told the opposite. I guess when they start rolling, there’s very little you can do as far as keeping them on their backs is concerned. No matter what side he is on, I still find myself constantly checking to make sure he’s breathing. Especially when he takes these long naps.

Mike had his interview in Sydney, now we wait to hear from the actual company (he has only met with the recruiter). We should know next week if he gets to the next interview. I can see the good to the job and the move, but I feel like the bad (moving again and leaving family/friends behind) heavily outweighs those goods. And one of those “goods” is a very cheap lease on a brand new car. I’ll give more details if we get to that, but now we wait. If you know me or have read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know how much I suck at waiting!


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