Opportunities and Support

All the accomplishments I’ve acheived, from going to college in the US, to working for American Junior then Atlanta Junior, to spending a summer in England, to traveling through Europe and even moving back to Australia, have been possible because I took the opportunities when they presented themselves.

So it is difficult for me to even contemplate telling my husband not to pursue an opportunity that has come his way. Well, its the possibility of an opportunity. There is a job in Sydney that he has applied for, and I can tell he really wants it and is really excited about it. Which is why I support him through this whole process.

The thought of making another big move so soon after moving to Australia honestly frightens the life out of me. It was so hard to settle in again when we got here, and I feel like I’m finally starting to find my way and feel at “home” and now that is up in the air again. We have no family in Sydney, but I do have a high school friend down there. I would have to try and get involved in mum/bub groups or a tennis community or something, but that presents another challenge. I feel like I used to be a pretty outgoing kind of person, one who could make friends easily. But over the years I’ve become much more of a recluse and I like sticking to myself and my known circle. We left our circle in Atlanta and are slowly getting a small circle here, and now we’re contemplating leaving them again.

I know its only an hour flight away, but I hate to fly. And its not like mum can make the hour flight just to babysit! Who would babysit for us? We’d have to find a babysitting service or something. I guess these are all things we’ll figure out if the next couple of weeks go in his favour. Until then, I’m going to try not to think about it too much, but that is really difficult. It is pretty much consuming both our thoughts, 24/7.

It would be easy for me to say that I want to stay here, but I think he needs to pursue this and see where it may take him. It could be a very good career move. I’ll just be glad when we know for sure if its going to happen or not, then I can stop letting it consume me.


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