Nick’s First Beach Trip

It was a beautiful weekend here yesterday and today (until the current thunder and lightning started, but the rest was fine!). So yesterday morning we went and had a beachside bbq breakfast, and took Nick down to the sand and water. He didn’t really know what to make of it all at first, and kicked his feet in the sand a bit, getting it all up his shorts, of course! The water was a bit rough and there were “Danger – No Swimming” signs everywhere, so we stood on the very edge and waited for the big waves to finally reach us, just before they started going back out again. The first few times Mike put Nick’s feet in the water he looked as if to say, “What is this?” Then on the third or fourth wave, Mike dipped Nick’s toes in and he started screaming. That was the end of the beach trip! Here are a few pics though:

Getting his feet wet

And not happy about it!


The Wezners on the beach

Sporting his bucket hat and Baby Banz sunnies!

A few of the gals on a parenting forum that I read had mentioned that they’d had a bath with their bubs, so Friday night I thought I’d try it, and it was fun! Nicklas is used to being in his baby bath, which is getting smaller and smaller for him. We have a large spa bath, so this was like being in a swimming pool for him! He was trying to stand on the bottom but his feet kept slipping. I think he liked it though, he kept tilting his body back dipping the back of his head in the water. I think he is going to like the pool. I can’t wait to get him in to swimming lessons! They don’t start them until 5 months, so 2 more months to go! I’ve already got his little swimsuit and everything! Here’s a pic of him in the bathtub, stretching his body back to put his head in the water. I am sure when he’s 16, 17 and brings a girlfriend home, this picture will be the first one to come out! (Ignore the big mole on my back – I’ve had it checked and its nothing to worry about!)



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