Coppers and 9/11

Its funny how even when you’re 99% sure you were doing nothing wrong, you automatically feel guilty when the lights flash behind you. I was pulled over today, and immediately started wondering if I’d run a stop sign, had a tail light out, failed to indicate, or if they were pulling me over for that 5kph over the speed limit I was going. As it turns out, it was a random breathaliser test. As it also turns out, I had left my wallet at home! I thought it was illegal to drive without your license, but that must just be in the US. They never said anything about me not carrying it. They took my info and looked it up on their computer and let me go. This random breathaliser was at 11:10 am while I had my baby in the car! I guess there are people out there who would be drunk at 11 am and driving their children around, but geez…too bad they wasted 10 minutes with me when that person they would have nailed for drunk driving probably drove right by us. 

It ended up being good that they pulled me over, because it wasn’t too far to go home and get my wallet…a necessity since I was on my way to go shopping!

 In other news, today is 9/11. Or 11/9 if you’re in Australia. It is my sister’s birthday, my friend’s son’s birthday, and freinds’ wedding anniversary. That is what I think of when I think of 9/11. Then I think about THAT 9/11. I heard on the news that there would be two 1 minute silences in NYC today, at the times when the planes hit the buildings. And the names will all be read aloud. Again. I want to know how the families of the victims feel about this annual roll call. I don’t feel like I am allowed to have an opinion, seeing as though I didn’t lose anyone that day, but it seems like it would be hard to move on with life if you were being taken back to that day on a yearly basis. I have other stuff to talk about, but its going to have to wait. My little man just woke up and is (still) not a happy camper.  


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