The Presidency

Apparently McCain will stop at nothing to gain votes. He has now annoucned his running mate as Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin. It seems gaining the woman vote (by counting on the vulnerability of Hillary followers who have been slapped in the face by the Obama campaign) and winning the presidential election is more important to McCain than picking the right person for the job. Hasn’t his campaign been publicising the inexperience of Obama as a key reason to not vote for him? Now he selects this woman who seemingly has a lot of experience at the state level, but I’m struggling to find national experience. And given McCains health issues, what happens if he is elected and has a massive stroke during his term? Vice President gets to take over! When I read about the other candidates he passed over for Mrs Palin, it just confirms for me that this is a selfish political move, not a decision made with the country’s best interest in mind.

Acccording to wikipedia, she has a lifetime membership to the NRA and is a “prominent member of Feminists for Life”. If I wanted to get personal, I’d attack her for naming her 2 sons Track and Trig, but it doesn’t seem right to bring that into it. Just another reason why I’d never be successful in politics!

Environmentalists won’t be happy that she’s allowed drilling for oil in the Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I am on the fence on this issue. I can see both sides, because I strongly believe we need alternative fuel sources and need to get oil prices back down, but I can’t believe the only option is drilling in a wildlife refuge.

She is against gay marriage, but claims to have gay friends. I have to wonder how close those friends are. I can’t imagine being someone’s friend but not believing they are entitled to the same social rights I am.

The bottom line for me is that this is a dirty, underhanded stunt pulled by the McCain campaign to manipulate the 18 million Hillary supporters into voting for him, rather than Obama, because he has a woman on the ticket. I hope those 18 million or so women educate themselves on the issues and don’t vote for the republican ticket just because a woman is on it.


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