Another Divorce

When I lived in Atlanta I listened to a morning show there that had 4 hosts…2 men, 2 women. One of the women was married to lead guitarist of Sister Hazel. They seemed to be the perfect couple – best friends, lovers, life partners, soul mates. At least that is how it sounded whenever she talked about him/them on the radio.

I just went to the radio station’s website, because I like to read their celebrity gossip, and I found out that they’re getting (or probably already have now) a divorce.This makes me sad, and makes me think if they can’t make it, who can? But then, I didn’t know them personally, and I don’t know what their circumstances are/were. I’m sure they were apart from each other a lot with his band, her radio and TV show…that has to put strain on any couple, especially celebrities.

They had been together 11 years, married for 5, and I remeber her often talking about wanting children, but her husband not being ready. Perhaps that had something to do with it. There are rumors abound that she had an affair, others say he had an affair, but noone really knows except for them, and maybe those closest to them. To go through something like this has to be hard, but I’m sure is just that much harder in the media spotlight. Its just another reminder that if you don’t have two individuals who are 100% committed to each other and the relationship, that it will fall apart. It also makes me wonder how much people go through before they call it quits. Those are the stories you don’t hear.


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