Holy Crap

I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my life. And tomorrow, I’m going to be sore AND tired, because I played (well tried to play) tennis today for the first time in at least seven months. And it is NOT like learning to ride a bike. I had all the elements against me though…my toes were hurting in my shoes, the new sports bra I got was bugging me, my left eye is STILL blurry and I couldn’t focus on the ball to save my life. I’m falling apart, and its all been worse since being pregnant. I think around 37 weeks I really started to fall apart.

On a somewhat serious note, it was really discouraging today. I felt uncoordinated, fat, slow, lazy. I used to love tennis, and loved running all over the court. Two of the three women I was playing with played with me before I had to stop and know what I can do, the other woman probably thinks I’m this awful player and doesn’t know what everyone was raving about. Oh well, I guess it’s just going to take a little while to get back into it. Hopefully not TOO long, I’m going to need the exercise.

I’ve also printed my resume and a cover letter to apply for a one-day-a-week job at TGG (pay cash and pay less!). They’re hiring a casual for one weekend day a week, as a cashier. It would be a good way to stay in the workforce, so that in a couple of years when I want to go back to work I have been working, and Mike is home on the weekend to watch Nicklas…so we’ll see how THAT goes.

I can’t stop yawning, I’m going to brush my teeth and go to sleep.


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