Olympics & 30th Birthdays

My posts are going to become fewer and further in between, as every day is a struggle to even get out of my pyjamas, let alone find time for a blog post. It WILL get easier though, right?

The Olympics are almost here, as is my 30th birthday. I feel more strongly about the Olympics than I do about “The Big Three-Oh” and am disgusted that China was awarded the honour of hosting the games. Does the IOC not VISIT the cities that they award the games to? Surely they didn’t think all that smog would go away by shutting down factories for a couple of months and taking cars off the road? As a side note, what are all the workers from the factories doing for those 2 months?

They reported on the news tonight that several American and British protesters were captured after waving “Free Tibet” flags. I’m not sure if you have to be really BRAVE or really STUPID to protest in China, but I’m going to go with stupid.

The Olympics in general have become less exciting for me over the years. I think its a shame that professional athletes are used. I think its a shame that sports like soccer, judo, tennis, table tennis, all get to be Olympic sports, but Golf is still left off the list. And to those of you who say golf isn’t a “sport” I challenge you to go head-to-head with any PGA or LPGA professional for 1 year, and see how demanding their “game” is.

To top off my disdain for the Olympics, I’m sure it’ll be the only thing on TV for the entire 2 weeks, or however long it goes for.  Why do the rest of our shows get bumped for it? And really, how much Olympic coverage do we need? Oh, and I forgot, I really HATE Opening Ceremonies. I think they’re cliche and boring.

Much like turning 30. Honestly, I’m not upset about it, or worried about it, or even really thinking about it. I’m going to dinner with hubby, bub, mum, nanna, sis & her boyfriend the night before, then the evening of my birthday, mum will babysit and Mike and I are going up the top of Q1, the tallest residential building in the WORLD!  Which also just happens to have a killer view of the entire Gold Coast. Knowing my luck, it will probably rain. It seems like most people here have fancy dress parties for their 30th birthdays, which is all good and well if you’re into that kind of thing. Personally there’s not many parties I can think of that I dread more than “fancy dress”. I think that’s why I never cared for Halloween.

But really, 30 isn’t all that bad. Actually, its pretty good. I have a great hubby, I get to stay home with our beautiful son, and I have a TON of friends and family. I just wish all those friends were in one place, instead of scattered all over the globe. Now THAT would be a great birthday present – to have Australia, England and the US all within a couple hours flight of each other. THAT is what I wish for.


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