Bizarre Baby Dreams

I know they say you have weird dreams when you’re pregnant, but this was just crazy. I had a dream last night that I took my baby to my mum’s tennis club. Where I left him, to go next door to another tennis club and watch someone play tennis. When I went back to get him, I was changing his nappy, only there was no penis! It was a girl! And she was big…like 8 months old big, not a newborn. Then all of a sudden both tennis centers were so packed, there was no way we were going to find who switched our babies.

THEN, I couldn’t even remember giving birth, because my mother had taken me to a doctor, and one minute I’m pregnant, the next thing I know I have a baby. Mum called this morning, and I told her about this. I followed up with, “So if you figure out who THAT dr. is, please let me know.”


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