School Stunt Debate

On the morning show this morning they reported on a school whose officials had decided to teach their students a lesson in the perils of drink driving. Evidently going for “shock value” they decided to tell the students that several of their friends had been killed in a drunk-driving accident. Once the students became hysterical, they admitted it was a ‘hoax’ and that they were simply trying to get the message across of what COULD happen.

At first I thought, “Well, it’s a bit over the top, but unfortunately it seems like the only way kids learn is for it to happen.” So to have them THINK it happened, may teach them the lesson without the actual tragedy of losing any of their friends.

But thinking about it more, the people who orchestrated this scheme are people students are supposed to trust. People students are supposed to go to with problems, concerns, issues at school or at home as the case may be. How are they supposed to trust or respect these officials after they pulled this stunt?

I actually think I could convincingly debate for both sides of this argument. I don’t feel that most students trust or respect teachers or school officials anyway, so perhaps for the better part they didn’t really sacrifice anything. Maybe the one kid who would have or has been drink driving walked out of that assembly thinking, “I have to stop, I don’t want to really go through that.” Maybe it has already saved lives that would have otherwise been lost.

I think we all know that students don’t listen to teachers or parents when it comes to drug and alcohol education/speeches. Perhaps this time they got their attention and got the message across, relationships between students and teachers be damned.


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