I Wish I Had My Camera

Just now, Nicklas was going NUTS. I wish the camera had been out so I could take video of my belly moving all over the place.

I can definitely tell that I’m getting towards the end of this pregnancy. I think I’m starting to get the 9th-month-waddle that comes from having a baby’s head bearing down on your nether regions. I’ve also had to pee about 8 gazillion times today. When I went to the doctor Thursday, she said the head was partially engaged. At first I thought “Good! Only a couple of weeks to go!” Then I read stories online about women whose babies were fully engaged and they didn’t come out for another 4 weeks after that! So I guess the best I can take away from that is that he is, as my BFF said, “Heading in the right direction!” I’m sure the pun was totally intended.

Our fifth and final birthing class was Tuesday night. We got doll babies and wraps to learn how to swaddle. I still haven’t figured out why in 5 weeks of birthing class the only time we got to do anything with a doll baby was to learn to swaddle. I’m sure that’s something that could have been shown once we were in hospital with our real baby, like changing nappies, breast feeding, bathing…

Maybe I should get the camera…here he goes again. It is really distracting, especially when he gets a good kick to the hip region. The midwife did say on Tuesday that the time of day the baby is most active in the uterus can be indicative of when he’ll be the most fussy outside the womb. If that’s the case, then about 7 – 10 pm every day should be a riot.

I am still fluctuating between being completely freaked out about the whole giving birth thing, and being as calm as a … thing that is calm. I really do realize that the only way out of this pregnancy thing is to give birth, and realizing that makes me calm, because all I can do is go with the flow. My doctor assured me that when the time came, they WOULD get him out. I guess at times I feel like I’ve been pregnant for about a year and he’s never going to get here. To be completely honest, I haven’t loved being pregnant. That’s not to say I haven’t had a good pregnancy, because I think compared to a lot of people I know I’ve been quite lucky. I didn’t have any morning sickness, I’ve had no blood pressure problems, but I haven’t been “in love”with being pregnant like some women get.

I have forgotten what its like to not be pregnant, to not have a little creature moving around constantly, kicking me, making my belly grow. I can’t wait for the day I can wear clothes that aren’t maternity clothes, or I don’t have to wear one of 3 shirts I have that actually cover my belly.

So far my only real exercise plan is to walk around the park with my sister and her dog. I’ll push the stroller, Kayla will walk Charlie. Its win-win for everyone.  We’ll see how that goes for getting me into my bridesmaid’s dress for August 2nd!

Completely unrelated…my right hand has been acting funny the last couple of days. I am a really fast typer, and I don’t know if my mind works faster than my hands, or what, but sometimes it’s like my right hand just doesn’t know what its doing.  I was doing a crossword puzzle, too, and my writing went all funny, like I had no control over what my hand was doing. Is this a side affect of pregnancy? I haven’t had any headaches or funny vision, so I’m assuming, in a Schwarzenegger voice, that ITS NOT A TUMOR.


One thought on “I Wish I Had My Camera

  1. You should probably mention the hand thing to your doc, the next time you see him/her. Just to be on the safe side. 🙂

    I can’t believe Nicklas is almost here!!

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