Obama vs McCain

Hilary Clinton FINALLY conceded the democratic race to Sen. Obama, and now the speculation is all on who he will choose as his VP running mate. CNN has questioned whether he can afford to NOT choose Hilary, given the number of supporters she could bring to the voting polls on November 4th. Another article speculates there could be as many as 30% of her supporters who will either not vote or will vote for McCain. The tragic thing about this is that they obviously are voting for McCain to spite the Democratic party. If they were voting on the issues, they would still vote for Obama. McCain’s campaign managers haven’t missed a beat though, reaching out to the Hilary supporters who don’t know where to turn now that she’s out of the running. In a typically-political sleezy move, they’ve announced how fond they are of Hilary, and how respected she is at McCain headquarters.

What I once thought was a positive for the Democrats – two incredibly strong candidates – I now fear has become a liability. The race between Obama and Clinton has dragged on at least 3 months longer than it should ever have, and now Obama has limited time to select a running mate and make a strong campaign for the White House. That said, the amount of media attention focused on the O v C race possible deflected any attention the McCain campaign may have tried to drum up.

I’m sure we have several debates to look forward to now. And hopefully all the upset Hilary supporters will watch, and realize that Obama is the right vote to make.  How anyone could support Hilary and then turn around and vote for McCain (or any republican for that matter)  is absolutely beyond me.

As for Hilary being the VP nominee, I really don’t see that as being a strong partnership. I don’t see Hilary playing second fiddle to anyone. That combined with Bill and Hilary’s previous 8 years in the White House, I think the lines of who was really in charge would be very blurred. What president would want two former White House residents criticizing his every move? I imagine it would be very much like a school yard, with the grade 12 bullies picking on the grade 8 newbie.


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