Antenatal Appointment # 30000

Today was my appointment at the hospital to get my second Anti-D shot. I had a 9 am appointment, and arrived right on 9 am. I had to have blood drawn first, and that was done quite quickly. Then I had to wait about 45 minutes before I was called into a room. The doctor measured my belly, listened to the heart beat, and felt to make sure the head was down. He asked if the pain in my rib was getting better, and I told him if anything it was getting worse. But I figure compared to childbirth it is not that bad, so I don’t complain. He said its likely it’ll only get worse from here on out, which I expect.

Then, instead of sending someone in to give me the shot, I sat out in the waiting room for another 30 minutes, before I was called in to get the shot. The Gold Coast hospital is severely lacking in rooms. I hope there’s a room available when I go into labour.

While I was in the waiting room the first 45 minutes, there was a woman sitting 2 seats down. Her mother came in pushing a stroller and had the woman’s son with her. Well, “nanny” had to go to work, and when she left, this little boy went NUTS. He kept running in the direction she went screaming for “nanny”. His mum kept chasing him, bringing him back, and putting him in the chair beside her. And he’d do it again. No one could hear the names they were calling over the intercom. I did notice the other kids in the area were all girls, and they were all calm and sweet. What have we gotten ourselves in to?


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