2008 NHL Stanley Cup

The Detroit Red Wings are FINALLY the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions!! It took them 6 games to do it, but they finally pulled it out today in front of a packed Mellon Arena. I don’t imagine, for the players, that the location of where the cup is won really matters, but boy it would have been nice to see the celebration happen in Detroit in front of a home crowd. I just watched the highlights on nhl.com and was disappointed by the Pittsburgh fans reactions. Several stood and applauded, and I suppose you can’t blame those who booed for being upset, angry, disappointed…whatever they were feeling. But both teams put on a clinic this series and really, it could have been anyone’s victory in the end. But you can tell from the pictures and video highlights that nothing could take the joy away from the Red Wings. And we can now proudly say that our son is officially named after the first European-born captain to win the Stanley Cup!

Watching the highlights, the goal that would eventually be the game winning goal and the Cup winning goal was unbelievable. Everyone thought Fleury had it, but it slipped through his legs and as he fell back, he knocked it into the goal. THAT was the difference! In literally the last seconds of the game, the Penguins came *thisclose* to netting a game tying goal. With Detroit taking a penalty with less than 2 minutes left, the Penguins pulled their goalie for a 6-on-4 advantage and scored to make it 3-2. Game 5 ended almost the exact same way, but the goalie was pulled for a 6-on-5 advantage, and they tied it up with 30 seconds to go. Thankfully game 6 had a different fate than game 5, and Hockeytown will get to celebrate bringing Stanley home with a parade Friday. I wish we could be there!


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