Baby Showers and NHL Playoffs

Yesterday my mum and sister threw a baby shower for me ‘n little Nicklas. It was a nice afternoon with 14 guests, lots of food, and lots of birthing stories. I probably could have done without some of the details – like the fact that 3 of them were puking during labour, or the number of stitches needed after the fact.

I haven’t had much time lately to freak out about the birth. Last Tuesday night in birthing class it started to get to me, and I’m sure tomorrow night during the tour of the maternity ward and birthing suites it will get to me again. But this past week the pain in my left ribs has gotten so bad its all but taken my mind off giving birth. Yesterday afternoon I was lying in bed because I was just exhausted, and I couldn’t even get comfortable enough to take a nap. I ended up going downstairs and getting comfy in the recliner and falling asleep there. The pain is a sharp, stabbing pain that usually happens when I am lying on my side and go to roll over. I have a dr appointment tomorrow, I’ll have to ask about it then. I’ve also felt at times lately that my heart could race right out of my chest. Its getting harder to take deep breaths. I think all of this is because of my insides getting squashed by my ever-expanding uterus, but jeez. It is really uncomfortable. I’m not a fan of being pregnant.

We got a lot of cute little outfits for Nicklas yesterday, and a friend from the States sent some cute little jump suits. Today I am going to start putting together the hospital bag and get to figure out all his little hospital outfits. I still can’t believe we’re going to be parents so soon.

So yesterday while I was at my baby shower, Mike was home listening to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, in which his Detroit Red Wings are facing the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Wings won 4-0, but I wouldn’t expect the rest of the series to be so easy. The Penguins are young, talented, and have very little playoff experience, let alone finals experience. I’m sure nerves played a large part in yesterday’s loss, but I expect they’ll find a way to overcome that for game 2. If Detroit wins the Cup this year, Nicklas Lidstrom (who our son is named after) will be the first European born Captain to win the cup. Isn’t that amazing?


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