6 Weeks To Go

I can’t believe that in approximately 6 weeks I’m going to be a mother. A mom. A mommy. There’ll be this tiny human being in the world who will be counting on me to feed, change, bath and comfort him. I had been getting really nervous and scared about the whole birthing thing. I mean lets face it, its messy, painful, and just not very pretty. But someone put things in perspective for me by telling me, “The easiest part about being a parent is the birth, trust me.” I guess in a sense parenting is like a marriage…the wedding (birth) is a HUGE event, but it’s what you do every day after that that really counts.

Yesterday morning, lying in bed, I realized there’s a real chance this little guy could arrive on 06/07/08 (in Australia, the day comes before the month). While the thought of being a week overdue is not really appealing, I might be able to withstand it if I thought his birthdate would be 06/07/08…it’s much cooler than all those people who got married on 07/07/07. Wasn’t one of Fergie’s daughters born on 08/08/88? I digress.

If I am completely honest, I’m not enjoying being pregnant. The back pain, sciatica pain, huge belly, uncomfortableness, weird pains now and then, the indigestion…I’m definitely not going to be in a hurry to think about baby #2. But from what I’ve heard, you forget about all that. Until you fall pregnant again! Then the memories of how awful it was to be pregnant come flooding back. We’ll see how we go, I guess. Right now, I have to focus on this baby, and start thinking about packing a hospital bag. Technically, he could get here at any time, and I might as well be as ready as possible.

We had our first birthing class Tuesday night and they showed a DVD of a woman giving birth. I don’t know how old the video was, but surely they could have found a more recent one. They showed the head coming out of the woman’s vijayjay. Boy I did NOT need to see that! Other than that, I don’t think we really learned anything we didn’t already know. We have 4 more weeks of classes, and one woman is due in 2 more weeks! I don’t think she’s going to make it to the last lesson! In a couple of weeks we get the tour of the maternity ward/birthing suites, which might make me feel a bit better about the whole thing. Most of the fear is just of the unknown. I can’t imagine how it must have been to give birth 30 or 50 or more years ago, when people didn’t talk about things like this, they just did them, and without pain management or really any knowledge of what exactly was happening to their bodies. When you really think about it, and you see diagrams and read the nature of it all, it truly is the most wonderful miracle. Now, If I could just keep reminding myself of that, maybe I will make it through this ordeal that is childbirth.


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