Adoption has always been in the back of my mind, but when I brought it up to my husband years ago, he had no interest in it. I know several men like this. I think there’s some perceived machoism about having your “own” children I guess, I’m not sure. But depending on what this birthing experience is like, adoption could become a very real desire in the future. So I just saw a commercial for foster care in the state of Queensland and went to the website that was advertised. I started to look up adoption information, just out of curiosity, and it turns out that one of the eligibility requirements is that at least 1 of the partner has to be infertile. I don’t understand. If you’re fertile you HAVE to have your own? You can adopt from one of the 14 intercountry programs if you’re fertile, but to adopt from China your body mass index can’t be more than 40. Its unbelievable how many restrictions there are to be an adoptive parent. Some I can understand, some just seem like they’re trying to make it impossible.


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