Big Moves

I’ve made three big moves in my life. The first one was when I was 18 and I moved from Australia to Jacksonville, Florida, to attend JU as a member of the women’s golf team. At the time I thought it was the next step in my big golf career, I didn’t realize it was going to be 4 years of getting a degree, making new friends, and slowly moving away from the game of golf all together.

The next move came 5 months after I graduated from JU. I had interned with the AJGA and in a roundabout sort of way, through that internship, got a job in Atlanta. So just as I was about to give up and move back to Australia, I packed up and moved to Atlanta instead. I spent the next 7 years there, before my husband and I moved back to Australia. I think I expected it to be the hardest move yet, but was unprepared for just how hard it would be. I have family and friends here, but most of the time I feel like I’ve made another move to a place where I know no one.

I would say it took a good couple of years to really settle in to Atlanta. I guess I should give it that long here before I make any rash decisions about moving again.


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