Pinching Myself

I am still having a difficult time actually believing we moved to Australia, and we’re having a baby. I remember conversations about moving, and I remember saying I didn’t want us to be one of those couples who always talk about what they’re going to do but never do it. I guess the more we talked about it the more we glorified it, and while it is “good” to be here, my feelings about being here have been all over the place. I don’t know if its pregnancy hormones or if I’m still just trying to figure out my place here, but without a permanent job, I don’t have a routine, and it feels like all I’m doing is sitting around waiting for bub. Maybe once he gets here I’ll start to settle into a routine and will feel like I have a purpose…starting the toughest job I’ve ever had.

The weather over the last week has been absolutely gorgeous – cool in the mornings but warming up as the sun gets higher in the clear blue sky. I’m just trying to relax and watch as much garbage TV and take as many naps as possible over the next 8 weeks. My life is never going to be the same again once he gets here.

We have been watching season 2 of How I Met Your Mother and an episode we watched last night was about Christmas in New York and it showed it snowing, and people rugged up drinking hot chocolate…it made me miss the US. I love winter Christmases! I love Thanks Giving! I feel much more homesick for the US than I ever felt for Australia. Thankfully, Mike likes it here and is happy. But I think we could live anywhere in the world and he’d be happy, knowing that in 8 weeks he’s going to be a dad. I am pretty sure I have the best husband in the world. I wonder how hard it would be to alternate life between the US and Australia, maybe moving every couple of years.


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