Labour Day

Monday is another holiday – this time for Labour Day. I am guessing that pretty soon we’ll have run out of months with holidays in them. Wednesday Mike is off to Sydney for a 2-day class and comes home Thursday. I don’t remember the last time we were apart for a night, and I’m not super excited about being home alone, but I’m sure I can last 36 hours on my own.

Another job has ended and I’m getting a few hours here and there at my mum’s work. That suits me just fine – I feel like I’m contributing a little bit and it gives me something to do to kill the time. I’m trying to just relax and enjoy my last 8 weeks of peace and quiet EVER.  But boy is it tough to be patient sometimes.

Mike has been working “downstairs” (what the techs call the service office) for the last week or so. There are currently 2 positions available there and he and another guy have been holding down the fort while they figure out what they’re going to do. Its possible Mike could be offered the job, but he’s going to wait until he finds out all the details before committing to anything. It’s an extra 2 hours a day (start earlier, finish later), so if the money isn’t a lot better, he’s better off staying in the workshop and working a few hours a week over time. On the other hand, getting experience in this job is what he needs before he can ever be service manager, which would be the next step up from this job that is available now.  It’s incredible that he’s been there barely 6 months and has already had one promotion and now is being considered for another. We’ll see if anything comes out of today’s meeting.

I think I’m going to go take a nap. I think I’ll be having lots of naps over the next 8 weeks!


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