Anzac Day

This weekend was a long weekend for Australia New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) Day. Celebrated every year on April 25th, it started in 1915 as a day to remember those who served in WWI at Gallipoli and paid the ultimate price. Its turned into a day to recognize all our “Diggers” (Aussie soldiers) who have served their country in all the conflicts we’ve been a part of. The entire country shuts down, at least until noon or 1 (it’s illegal to open before then) and pays tribute to our vets. Thousands of Aussies make the journey to Gallipoli every year for the dawn service and several services are held here. It is really quite amazing at how many young people are involved in this remembrance day, and it gives me hope for our younger generation yet. Perhaps all is not completely lost on them.

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous. After the torrential rains last weekend, it was nice to have blue skies and sunshine. We went for a walk along the beach Friday morning and up to the Spit. The Spit is the inlet from the canals/rivers to the ocean, and there’s a pier and a rock wall at the end of it. They also have dog-friendly beaches up there where dogs can run off the leash and surf, etc. Saturday morning we were up with the sun – I think my body is getting me in training – so we went back out there, this time with the camera. Here’s a couple of pics:


3 thoughts on “Anzac Day

  1. That city is the Gold Coast. It starts up this closest end in Southport and then turns into Surfers, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh as you go down the coast.

  2. The first image doesn’t even look real. It almost looked CG’d.

    I love the last image of you and the waves. This is one for the scrapbook/baby book.

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