A Pregnancy Newsletter

I had an appointment at the hospital today to have an anti-D shot. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Mike and I have different blood types, which means its possible that Nicklas has a different blood type than me. That can cause my body to develop anti-bodies which would most likely attack the next baby’s blood system and kill it. Crazy the way the body works, isn’t it?

Anyway, they gave me a newsletter to read while I waited to go in for my shot. I don’t know if its the pregnancy hormones or what, but I had to stop reading it while I was waiting because I was about to burst into tears. They’ve written a letter from your baby on the front of it, it got me a bit choked up. Here it is:

Well it’s been really great floating around in here for the last 36 weeks, but I’m starting to get pretty squished up now. I wonder what happens next? Although I don’t realise it now, pretty soon I will be venturing out into the big wide world. As soon as I’m born I’ll be alert and looking for you. Everything will be new to me and I’ll need you to hold me close and help me to feel safe and secure. I’ll need lots of cuddles. I’ll love to feel your skin against mine. I’ll love to hear the sound of your voice – I’ll recognise your voice straight away because I have been listening to it since I was eight weeks old in the womb. Talk to me softly and sweetly, sing to me gently. Love me to bits! I’ll need your love – it will help me to grow.
Love,Your Baby

I think it was the recognising my voice that got to me. I told mum, “Awww, he can hear me.” She said, “Yeah, better stop all that cussing!”


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