Yoga & Letters

I went to check out a yoga place this morning after we had breakfast. They do pregnancy yoga (PY) and also “mums and bubs” yoga. There are 2 instructors who teach the PY class – one teaches the Wednesday morning class, the other teaches Saturday morning. Both classes are at 8 am and last approx. 45-60 minutes. The Wednesday morning teacher, Ree, is a doula, and Saturday’s teacher, Bianca, is an obgyn nurse. I spoke to Ree this morning, she must go to the class after the Saturday PY class. I told her that I just want to get more flexible and learn to breathe and relax. I have a lot of stress and am a very tense person, which is not good for me OR baby. Unfortunately, I told her I’d be there Wednesday, but forgot I’m working the next 2 Wednesdays. Wednesday is usually my day off and it completely slipped my mind. She also recommended Mike go with me on Saturdays, so that he can learn to relax and learn to breathe, and will be a bigger support to me when THE time comes. I think it would be good for him too, regardless.

In a few weeks we’ll be starting our birthing classes at the hospital. I’m sure there’ll be a video shown which will be tough to watch. I don’t want to see my own child being born, why on earth would I want to see someone else’s? But at least that should give us a better idea of what to expect. I am just going to expect the worst as far as mess and pain and everything else goes. That way maybe when all is said and done, it won’t seem “that bad”!

I have decided I’m going to write letters to Nicklas. I’ve written the first one, and am not sure when exactly I’ll write the second, but I’d like to do one every birthday at least, and then in between if there’s a special occasion or something I am thinking about a lot that I want him to know. I haven’t figured out when he’ll get these letters, but I figured around his 18th birthday, or earlier if I think he needs them then.  The first letter mostly talks about what I wonder about him, and what I hope for him for his life. We’re also trying to put a small amount of money away every week into a separate account for him. If all goes to plan, by his 18th birthday there should be a decent amount of money in there. If he’s been a good kid, maybe we’ll tell him about it. OR, we can say “For your 18th birthday you can have these letters from your mum from the last 18 years, or Door Number 2”, and if he picks the letters, then we’ve raised him right and he can have the bank account too! That will be an interesting day…hopefully it takes its sweet time getting here. I am in NO rush to see 18 years of my life fly by.

Anyway, everything is good in theory I suppose. Lets see how putting it all into motion goes. Next Saturday’s Yoga class would be a good place to start…


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