Dinner Theatre

There is a dinner theatre in town called Dracular’s. We went last night – a group of 15 of us – for a good friend’s birthday. You are told to get there by 6:30, so you go in on a ghost train, get shown to your seats, and they serve you a 3 course meal (drinks not included) and put on a “show”. The current show is called Fangs & Fetish so you would expect vampire stuff and maybe some slutty/sex-related stuff. But really it was just 5 people (talented people at least) singing and dancing. They must have picked about 10 different random songs from any particular era they felt like, and then just made choreography for it. But there was no “theme” and it was just all over the place. I didn’t get it.

They also did some magic (1 little trick) and some stand-up comedy. The stand-up comedy wasn’t even funny. It was mostly just making fun of people from Tasmania or from New Zealand, and rehashing over-used, corny, one-liners that everyone has heard before. It was groantastic.

Tickets were $80 each, a jug of bourbon & coke was $43, bottle of win $34. Thankfully I am pregnant and not drinking or it could have been a very expensive night. Hell, at $160 just for the 2 tickets, it already WAS an expensive night. But if you consider you get a 3 course meal and 3-4 hours of entertainment, I guess that doesn’t seem too ridiculous. Its just a shame it wasn’t a better show. It was all just very random stuff.

The best part of the whole night was that they ended the show with a medley of Aussie rock songs and the whole crowd sang along. Next time we’ll find dinner elsewhere and find a cover band at a pub or something! Would be money much better spent.


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