Moving & Big Bellies

The good news is the pest and building inspection both came back good. There are a few very minor things that we’ll do when we move in, but nothing that is urgent enough to be done before we move in. The body corporate inspection came back with a couple of “concerns” but I think its typical stuff any small complex of 11 townhouses would have (people driving too fast, turning the gate off to keep it open, etc). The financial stuff has all gone through, so the contract should go unconditional this/next week. Settlement should be April 1, which I believe is a Tuesday, so hopefully the Saturday/Sunday after that we’ll be moving in!!

Mike is going with dad up to Ipswich to pick up a 3 seater leather couch and 2 leather recliners from my aunt. They were going to give them to the Salvation Army, but thankfully and generously they thought of us and we said we’d take them. One recliner will go in the nursery, with the other one and the 3 seater going in the living room. All we need is a TV/entertainment stand, a computer desk, a bed for the spare bedroom, and an outdoor patio set. We’ll probably eat most of our meals outdoors. When we move in I’ll post some pics and you’ll see why!

I think we’re going to go and find me some maternity PJs tomorrow. Or just a big t-shirt dress/nightgown thing. This belly is getting bigger and harder. I’ll have to post some pictures of THAT soon too! Today is 24 weeks…just 16 more to go! He has been moving quite a bit lately, but still not enough that anyone else can feel him. We went to see the Outback Spectacular, a dinner/show thing here in town that is supposedly about the Aussie Outback. It’s a little cheesy, to say the least, but the horses were awesome! They did a grand finale where they all came out and the riders were carrying Australian flags. The music was vibrating through the walls and the floor, and Nicklas just started dancing. He was so active it was unbelievable! I think I read somewhere that they start responding to music and light and sounds, etc. I’ll have to start playing some music for him to listen to.

That’s about it, just glad it is the weekend. We’re celebrating a friend’s birthday tomorrow night with another dinner/show thing, then I think that’s enough of them for a while! They’re not cheap!

And a 24 week preggers pic, just for fun:

24 Weeks Pregnant


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