An Update!

Well, none of the places from last week’s post worked out. The Parkwood House, which I thought would be the one we ended up with, had another contract put on it before mum could get one on there. That one fell through only to have someone else sneak in there and beat mum to the punch.

Not sure WHAT was going on with the townhouse that was going to auction, its a long, seemingly shoddy story. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

We set off again Saturday morning, this time with hubby in tow. We looked at about 5 or so places, I think, and mum put an offer on the last one we looked at. She figured it would either not be accepted or it would be countered. Sure enough, 45 minutes later the agent called and made a counter offer. Mum said she’d get back to them, but I guess after an hour of not hearing from her, they finally accepted her initial offer!  My mum the real estate wheeler and dealer!

Sunday she signed the contract and today the freaking out started. In Australia they get a 5 day “cooling off” period, so if you have a change of heart you can back out of the contract and pay a .025% penalty fee. The contract will go unconditional in 7 days following a building & pest inspection, as well as a body corporate inspection.

The place she has the contract on is just a couple of kms from hubby’s work, even less than that to the hospital I’ll be giving birth at, close to mum’s work, about 5 minutes by car to the beach…so its in a great location. Its a townhouse that has 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 1 car garage, a lovely paved back patio with a small garden. No yard, but we figure we won’t need one for a few years anyway. The best part is, if/when we move out, its in a great location for re-rental.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out. I’m not too keen on going back to the drawing board and trying to find somewhere to rent!


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