My Husband

In view of our 2 year anniversary coming up, I have realized I am a very lucky woman. Let me tell you why.

The week leading up to January 20th, 2005, our cat, Colby (the love of my life at that point!) had been sick and at the vet. They discovered he had pancreatitis and long story short, there was nothing much left to do other than pay a lot of money for no guarantees or make the decision to end his pain. He was only 2 years old. I was a complete wreck, but Mike was strong and made sure Colby had someone familiar with him in his last moments.

February 13, 2005, we go to an early Valentine’s dinner to avoid the crowds (so romantic). I didn’t notice any nervousness on his part, though he claims it was there. When we got home from dinner, he pulled out my present – diamond stud earrings. They were just what I wanted! But they were also a cover up…after trying the earrings on, I hugged Mike, who then got on a knee in our living room and pulled a plastic ring out of his pocked. He explained that since my mind changed so much on what kind of diamond I liked, he figured he’d propose with a fake ring and I could pick my own engagement ring out!

On February the 17th, 2006, Mike and I were in Panama City Beach with our families and friends who had come from all over the US and the world to be with us for our wedding. The sunset was gorgeous as we did our rehearsal and headed off to dinner. During dinner I started to feel ill and it got worse as the night wore on. LOTS of fluids and lots of cold/flu medication later, I woke up to a gray and drab day that was overcast and eventually cold and rainy. The last thing I wanted to do was get my hair done, get dressed up and get married!

I was finally dragged to the hairdresser and while we were all there, one of Mike’s brothers walked in with a locked wooden box, a letter and 3 red roses. The letter explained that inside the box was a gift, but I was going to have to do some work to get it. Mike’s other brothers Joe and Steve, as well as our friend and groomsman Keith, all visited me throughout the day, each with a new clue and 3 red roses. After the last visit, I had a dozen red roses, a Care Bears jig saw puzzle (inside story), 4 stuffed puppy dog toys, a piece of paper with numbers and letters all over it, and the locked wooden box.

I pieced together the jigsaw puzzle and it had 3 holes cut in it. When placed over the piece of paper, the holes in the jigsaw puzzle revealed the 3 numbers that unlocked the box. Inside was a Tiffany’s box with an sterling silver infinity necklace. The weather and my illness didn’t matter anymore, I was getting married to this thoughtful and generous guy, and my sister had done a great job with my makeup so no one could even tell I was pale and sick!

Fast forward a year and a half and my husband, who spent all 30 years in the states, agrees to pick up and move to Australia so that I can be close to my mum to have children. Little did we know that those children would start coming sooner rather than later! When we found we were going to be parents, we were in Europe. When we got back to the US, Mike went out the next day and bought a baby names book and a “What To Expect for the Expectant Father”. He was so excited! He still is!

I haven’t been able to find a job here in Australia, and at this point with my pregnant belly, I don’t think I will soon. But he goes to work 5 days a week and works hard to provide for us and is ok with me not working and staying home with our son. He does everything he can to make sure I am happy, but I can be grumpy and stubborn. Instead, I should realize how lucky I am and just be thankful to have him.


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