Australian Open & Next Scan Appointment

The Australian Open started last Monday and its safe to say I’ve watched enough tennis to last the rest of the year since then. Which is good, because I’m not sure what other tournaments will be televised here and whether or not I’ll be awake to see any that are, given that they’d probably be in England or the US.

The two big stories from the Aussie Open are Federer almost getting beat, and our own little Aussie, Casey D. making it to the fourth round (after never having made it past the first round). Hewitt is through to the 4th round, also, and plays Djokovich tonight for a place in the quarters. Should be a good match up.

And if any Americans are wondering why they’re not really loved around the world, find some video on youtube of Andy Roddick’s hissy fit during his last match, which he coincidentally lost. He was only fined $500, though the commentators all agree it should have been much more. Here are some of the things he said to the umpire:

“Are your hears attached to your head?”
“Did you go to school past 8 years old?”
“Let    me    talk   slowly    so   you   can    understand   me.”

There was more, but I didn’t hear it all. Also, he got booed by the whole stadium. I thought he’d done some growing up over the years, but apparently not. It seems that maybe he should keep Jimmy Connors as his coach, but hire someone to teach him how to be a man and have some manners and respect. What a tool.

I’m watching Federer again now and he’s playing Berdych. I like Federer, but I also can’t help but root for the underdog.

In baby news, 2 weeks from today is our “morphology” scan, or “the big one.” I think they can tell a LOT at this next scan, and hopefully they’ll be able to tell if its a girl or a boy, if the baby cooperates! Fingers crossed.


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