The Grass Is Brown Everywhere

Since I left the Gold Coast 11 years ago, the housing market has pretty much sky-rocketed. Houses like the ones that I grew up in, which at the time probably cost in the mid $100,000’s, are now selling for around $500,000+.  To get a HOUSE you pretty much have to look at at least $400,000 and the ones available for that aren’t in the most desirable areas. They’re still nice areas and nice houses, just further away from a lot of things. I don’t understand how kids getting out of high school are supposed to ever afford that. We’re 30 and I don’t know how we’re ever supposed to afford that!!

It definitely makes it seem like a “grass is always greener” scenario. We might have been tired of our jobs in the states, and tired of the rush that was Atlanta, but we had a nice lifestyle and owned a house, a nice car, had pets, could afford to eat out for dinner a few nights a week…here we’re on a very tight budget and we have roommates for the first time in years.

I have to keep telling myself that with the baby on the way, this is the best place for us to be. And really I know that it is, I just need a reminder every now and then. We have family and good friends close by for support, renting my mum’s unit lets me stay at home with the baby which I wouldn’t have been able to do in the US, and there is public healthcare here so its not going to cost us money to have the baby.

I do know this is the best place to be, I just sometimes wish the US and Australia weren’t so far apart. Yes, I want to have my cake and eat it too!! What is wrong with that? The only way to have the best of both worlds is to be multi-millionaires, making enough money off interest to be able to have a house in each place and spend half the year here and half the year there.  But then I’d be complaining about all the flying…


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