Baby Stuff & A Busy Weekend

Last Thursday we had a clinical appointment with a midwife. She went over my health record and discussed different birthing options with us, just briefly. She also gave us a lot of pamphlets on different immunizations and some birthing classes we can attend.  She had me lay on the table and felt around my stomach, looking for the position of the uterus I guess. THEN…she let us hear the heartbeat with the monitor she had. It was the first time we’d heard it, and it was incredible. To know that there is a little person in my body, and its little heart beat is pounding away…it’s overwhelming, exciting, emotional, incredible…

I had another dr appointment on Friday and she said everything is looking good so far. In 4 weeks we’ll have another ultrasound and I’ll be around 19 weeks pregnant then, so hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will get to find out the gender. I really can’t wait to see it again and hopefully find out what it is! I also hope that everything else they check for at 19 weeks will be normal.

Saturday we decided to go and check out a bunch of baby stores in the area. There are a couple that have some nice stuff at a somewhat reasonable price (reasonable for Australia anyway!). We ended up buying a stroller. We figured we’d looked at SEVEN places and this was the best one and best value, so we bought it. If we buy a new item every few weeks it won’t be quite as big a financial hit all at once.  We almost bought an all-in-one bath and change table too, but they were out of stock. No worries though, we have plenty of time. Really all we need is the change table/bath, a cot, a dresser of some kind, and a rug for the floor because the nursery has tiles in it.


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