We just got home from waiting with my mum for an ambulance for my nanna. We were originally waiting for an after hours house-call doctor, who was supposed to show up “after 6” and at 9 pm he still wasn’t there. RIDICULOUS. So the ambulance came in about 30 minutes, and took her to the hospital. She’s had this back/leg/sciatic nerve problem for a few weeks now and some days are worse than others. My grandmother’s medical history is totally clear, yet the last few months, everything seems to be breaking. And none of the doctors will fix it. I don’t know if they won’t or if they can’t. I do know that she is sick of being stuck in the house doing nothing and the pain is absolutely killing her. Its bad enough that when she gets up, she is in so much pain she feels like she’s going to pass out. They’ve taken her to a different hospital this time, so maybe the doctors there will look at the problem with a fresh start and fix it. She has been a very active person all her life and this pain and immobility is making her miserable. And it is hard for us to see her that way also. They keep giving her muscle relaxants and pain killers to take, and she was on an antibiotic…for someone whose practically never taken anything in 83 years, that is a lot to keep up with and make sense of. I don’t know if she’s been taking the right pills at the right times or not. Keep your fingers crossed that the doctors at this different hospital have a better solution than just pills.

Semi-relatedly, one of the EMTs that showed up seemed like a kid. God I’m getting old!


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